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Sometimes questions in one QA file are covered in another (ex.: pedagogy and parent/student), so do check both. If you'd like to submit a question, email me. Put some piano-related header in the subject line because my program immediately deletes other subject lines. Also, I ask you to search the QA files for the answer before writing me. I am plagued with repetitive stress injuries and prefer not to answer the same question more than once! Thanks for your understanding.


Studio Management


Studio Policy

Marketing and Advertising

Interviewing New Students

Business Tips for Beginning Teachers


Also see my file on business Q&A, which contains several discussions of taxes and business expenses.

Copyright and Music

I have an extensive section on this topic located at


Note: If some of these links don't work, it's likely because I haven't mounted the file. Please come back! (And e-mail me with the link that's dead, as this will remind me to get going on this article!)

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