The Business of Needlework

Needlework is a business like any other, but there seems to be a shortage of information about this topic.

Because information seems to be guarded more carefully than the gold at Fort Knox, I decided to write a book! This book, titled Handbook for Needlework Teachers: An Experienced Teacher's Advice, is specifically for needlework teachers. You'll find "insider info" and practical advice for just about anything to do with teaching at a festival. If you've read any of my work in Just CrossStitch, you know that I am nothing if not thorough! Partial contents list here. Contact me for more information.

In the files below, anything that is the work of another is clearly identified; please contact that person for reprint permission or other use of his/her work. I am unable to authorize it. For reprinting my work, please contact me.




Stitch Diagrams

Marketing and Sales of Needlework Classes

Color and Design in Needlework

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Conversion Charts

Advertising, Promotion, and Business Practices

Trade Shows and Stitch Festivals

Publishing and Selling Your Needlework Designs

Finances and Taxes

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