Information about Specific Piano Brands

I often receive e-mail from people wanting information on this or that brand of piano, asking how much pianos cost, asking where to find pianos, and so on. Here are some websites which may be of assistance to you. (My thanks to Jan Rathmann for collecting these! If you know good sites I should include here, please e-mail me.)

Pianos for sale via the 'Net:

Piano Mart

An idea about prices for grand pianos (based on Larry Fine's work - more info below): Rare Find

I highly recommend Larry Fine's THE PIANO BOOK for everyone interested in purchasing a piano. (A piano is not an inconsequential investment!) Updates available by subscription. He also offers consultations about specific pianos. Fine also does telephone consultations. As he points out, the hourly rate is 5 cents more than just buying the book. You probably will be able to find the book at on-line booksellers, too. Every teacher should have this book! And everyone considering a piano purchase needs it, too.

I also recommend you look at THE PIERCE PIANO ATLAS. The bulk of the book is a listing of piano companies (with contact info), how they morphed into other companies, and the serial numbers of pianos built (divided by year). If you are buying a used piano, it has a weird name, and you wonder about the origin of the instrument, the answer's probably here. Bits of trivia abound (Sohmer made three transposing pianos for Irving Berlin, J.C. Stoddard invented the calliope in 1855, and Bosendorfer Piano is now a division of Kimball Piano), and there are lots of interesting pictures. Don't miss the list of presidential pianos. (George Washington had a piano and a harpsichord. Grover Cleveland's instrument was a piano-harpsichord combination. It was destroyed by fire. Too bad! It must have been something! James Madison's piano is nameless - - the name was destroyed in the White House fire - - the same one where his wife, Dolly, saved the painting of George Washington.)

Another info source: TIPBOOK PIANO, which lists pianos by brand and some other basisc.

There are places on the web, of course. Here's one of them.

Since I've been pushed to the wall (!), here are my off-the-cuff thoughts on piano brands.

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