How to Mount Fabric on a Scroll Frame

This discussion is for a scroll frame from Tomorrow's Treasures: the kind with nylon webbing stapled to the roller rod. It does not pertain to a scroll frame with a channel down the rod into which you press the fabric, followed by a little dowel rod.

Check your fabric that it is square. Sometimes inexpensive fabric is not exactly square. You can fix this by wetting the fabric and "blocking" it first. On the bare rod, measure and mark the exact mid-point of the rod (NOT the webbing that's stapled on; it might not be exactly centered on the rod). Do the same on the other rod.

Now find the mid-point of your fabric along the dimension which will be attached to the rod. Match up this with the mark on one rod and begin sewing (basting) the fabric to the webbing, working from the mid-point to the edge. Start at the mid-point again and baste to the other edge. Do the same for other side.

Now your fabric is mounted square, vis a vis the wooden part of the scroll frame, which is the part that is going to determine tension.

Crank that puppy tight, and off you go! Note: Consider mounting your work vertically, rather than horizontally, as is always shown in pictures and advertisements. I did this the first time I ever used my scroll frame because I didn't know any better, and I found I really like it! I can work in tight quarters--an airplane seat, on the sofa with someone sitting beside me. It also eliminates the need for a floorstand AND prevents pain from repetitive stress injuries. I put my dominant hand on the bottom of the work and rest the scroll frame against that forearm, with one of the short ends resting in my lap; my non- dominant hand stitches from the top of the work.

copyright 1996, Martha Beth Lewis
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