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My question-and-answer file has many questions from parents and students and my answers. Please read the list of questions before you submit a question, as I receive the same ones multiple times and the answer may be there already. I have tendinitis, so I'd appreciate it if you'd read first. This lets me "save the day's keystrokes" for new questions. Thanks for your understanding. To submit a question: Please put piano in the subject line, as my e-mail program is set to reject as spam anything without it.

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Question and Answer File

There is also a file of questions put to me by parents and students concerning piano study (along with my answers), which might be of interest to you. This file is growing in length, so please be patient with the load. I decided to do it in one file to minimize the time spent administratively so I could use the time instead to answer questions and post more material. Thanks for your understanding. (Same .gifs as on this page, so that won't slow things down; other than the duplicate graphics, the file is all text.) I update this file constantly.

Note: If some of these links don't work, it's likely because I haven't mounted the file. Please come back! (And e-mail me with the link that's dead, as this will remind me to get going on this article!)

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